Offering daily support to OEM’s and their tiers, our high-performance coating ranges bring performance improvements such as abrasion resistance, low controlled friction and long-term durability. Recent developments have produced advanced formulations that also offer environmental and process benefits on metal, plastic and rubber applications.
Metal Applications FLOUN® has been specified by automotive companies and their tiers, offering a fundamental solution to problems faced, at times being the first coating solution to do so: Floun was the first coating created to displace cadmium and zinc as a corrosion barrier on small fasteners Floun was the first coating to survive the rigors of internal diesel engines when applied to piston skirts and journal bearings As a result of the extensive range of water- and solvent-borne resins, coupled with leading solid lubricants such as PTFE, graphite and molybdenum disulphide, countless components and assemblies are coated with high-performance Floun coatings. We support the marketplace with a broad portfolio of functionally engineered coatings that, even in the most demanding environments, will deliver consistently high-performance standards: Lubrication Abrasion resistance Low friction Corrosion resistance Noise suppression Combining cutting-edge resin and solid lubricating technologies,Floun coatings offer engineers specific properties: Pistons Skirts: Reduced friction, reduced CO2 emission, increased performance, increased wear resistance for use on Piston Skirts HVAC Compressors: Reduced friction and improved output improving the performance of swash plates, rotors/vanes, pistons and scrolls Steering Columns: Low controlled friction, improved wear resistance and protection for the whole vehicle life for safety critical items, such as crash tubes, capsules, mounting brackets and cam plates Bearings: Reduced friction, reduced CO2 emission, ideal for ‘start-stop’ and with the possibility of using lower viscosity engine oils for use on bearing shells