Friction Modification

Friction occurs when two surfaces slide against one another, measured by the amount of drag (force) that takes place. Friction causes heat, wear and loss of energy in dynamic applications. In severe circumstances friction can cause overheating and seizure. Through the application of Limalon’s coatings, these coefficients of friction can measure as low as 0.02.
Our chemical resistant paint and coatings offer protection to concrete, cementitious mortars and rendering, metal, timber, asbestos, and more in a wide range of chemical processing environments and industries. Protection against chemicals comes in various guises around the workplace every day, from protective clothing, storage of chemicals, protecting bunded areas from accidental spillage, etc. These products help provide a solution for our customers to protect different surfaces where necessary from a vast range of chemicals, whether it be chemical and acid resistance for floor areas, tanks (internally and externally), bunds, walls, and more. The superior technology used in our products means that even some of the harshest chemicals at high concentration can be protected against with minimal effort and cost. For chemically resistant tank and pipe linings, Rawlins Paints have set up a specialist category, which focuses on a range of metal and concrete coatings for the marine, offshore and processing plant sectors