A coating range specifically formulated for medical-device use, Limalon® coatings are biocompatible, low friction coatings proven safe to use within invasive medical devices. Due to the sensitive nature of all medical devices, the primary applications identified for coating compatibility are cardiac, neurovascular & peripheral catheter guidewires, hypotubes, electrosurgical blades, ultrasonic surgical tools and neurology needles. Limalon® coatings offer a range of features and benefits within the medical-device sector: Biocompatibility tested and proven by OEM’s One-coat products Can be spray or dip applied Multiple color options to meet marketing requirements Compatible with most sterilization techniques Adhesion to most substrates: Stainless, Nitinol Good flexibility and elongation properties Corrosion and chemical resistance Low CoF Operating temperatures ranging from -330°F to 480°F (-200°C to 250°C) Pass saline soak per ISO 11070 Toxological risk assessments performed on new products in support of ISO 10933-17