Noise Reduction

Noise and vibration reduction is an essential component of modern day design. The use of PTFE and other limalon coatings provide a low coefficient of friction that prevents the scoring, galling or sticking of mating components. This, in turn, can eliminate noise and vibration.
Without proper lubrication, friction generated by two mating components can cause squeaks, groans, itches and vibrations. Vibration generates noise – choosing the most appropriate Thecoating system for noise reduction depends upon the problem: Floun® Vibration and therefore noise is reduced through the use of the Floun coatings as, under impact, noise generation is reduced.Floun solves a range of problems from impacting gear teeth and bearings spinning in races through to contacting piston skirts and plungers sliding against the walls of actuators. Flounmax®: A water-based solution, the Resilon range is used on flexible substrates throughout the automotive industry such as rubber and plastic seals on vehicles to reduce ‘itch and squeak’. Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), the study, testing and modification of noise and vibration characteristics in the automotive industry is a key engineering and design aim. The efficiency of designs, materials used, and noiseless vehicles are essential characteristics in the future of car platforms. Noise reduction coatings have benefits for and are sold into various markets: Automotive Others: O-rings, Waste Water