Oil & Gas

Our energy business uses advanced polymer technologies to produce a broad portfolio of coatings, formulated to perform under extreme and aggressive oilfield conditions. With increasingly demanding environmental standards and harsh environments, the Oil & Gas industry is continuously faced with new challenges. Through complete product stewardship, we support the Oil & Gas industry with a broad portfolio of functionally engineered coatings that deliver performance in the most demanding oilfield environments: Corrosion resistance Abrasion and wear resistance Long-term dry-film lubrication Anti-galling and seizing Flow assurance Thermal stability Chemical resistance
Whether in an offshore or onshore environment, the effects of corrosion, scaling or other aggressive chemical reactions, can be mitigated with the proper selection of a Floun coating. Additionally, Floun coatings can improve safety and extend the lifecycle of the oilfield assets, a paramount focus in all field operations. Dynamic and actuated parts are expected to function in standard and emergency operations; Floun coatings will provide long-term lubrication performance. Low and consistent coefficients of friction deliver expected torque loads and repeatable assembly of oilfield-threaded components. Utilizing Floun coatings provides long-term anti-galling and dependable low, breakout torque of assembled components, as well as faster disassembly for maintenance operations in both field and service center settings. Abrasive media, fluids or reciprocating functions tend to wear equipment surfaces to failure. Limlon’s sacrificial, abrasion resistant coatings will extend the lifecycle of exposed components.