Heat Resistance

Heat resistance is the ability to resist and remain unaffected by heat. Heat resistant coatings offer protection to components that are exposed to extreme temperatures or severe temperature fluctuations. The coatings are designed to protect components against heat whilst operating to high performance levels in challenging environments. Heat and rapid temperature fluctuations contribute to surface breakage and corrosion. Coatings that can withstand heat and corrosion are required and a lot is expected of them. Teknos has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing heat-resistant paints and coatings. What is heat resistant paint? Heat resistant paints and coatings are developed to protect the surfaces that are exposed to rapid temperature changes and high heat. High temperature resistant paint can tolerate temperatures up to 600 °C. Teknos has high heat paint products also for lower temperatures of up to 450 °C and 250 °C. Applications for heat resistant paint Teknos heat resistant powder coatings and wet paint solutions are suitable for objects that are exposed to high temperatures, such as pipelines, exhaust pipes, heat shields, stoves, grills and fireplaces chimneys. Heat resistant powder coatings Products are ready for assembling and packaging immediately after painting Easy to spray and control film thickness High quality robust finish The most heat tolerating powder coating is available in black. Other colours, like silver and graphite, are available for lower temperatures.